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Monday, February 7, 2022

Frank Zappa

This bust of Frank Zappa by Konstantinas Bogdanas stands on a pole in front of the Southeast Anchor Library, a branch of Enoch Pratt, in Highlandtown, Baltimore, Maryland.

A plaque on the pole tells who Frank Zappa was, in case we didn't know.

Frank Zappa (1940-1992) 
Composer, Musician, Artist, 
Guitar Player, Writer And Filmmaker. 
Born In Baltimore. 
This Monument Of Frank Zappa- 
Is A Present From The People 
Of Vilnius City, Lithuania, 
Who Like Frank Zappa And His Art. 
Monument Erected In Baltimore 2010.09.19 
Idea Of This Project - Saulius Paukstys 
Sculptor - Dr. Konstantinas Bogdanas 
Architect - Valdas Ozarinskas 
Sponsored By Mr. Vidmantas Melnikas, Gph Vilnius 

And in case we were still in doubt about where Frank Zappa was born.

Frank Zappa
Born                in                 Baltimore

And here's Frank Zappa decorated for Xmas.

Our Zappa statue is a copy of  Bogdanas' bust of Zappa is in Vilnius.

                      Bronze sculpture of Frank Zappa's head, as part of his memorial in Vilnius
Photo by Nikolas Lloyd June 2008

The nearby Welcome to Highlandtown mural has this image of the Zappa statue at the Enoch Pratt library.

When this memorial was unveiled in September of 2010 the story by By Erik Mazain in the Baltimore Sun entitled Zappa Days began this way.

At the corner of Conkling Street and Eastern Avenue in Highlandtown, a head looks over the neighborhood like a bodiless sentinel. The olive-toned, mustachioed bust takes in a colorful panorama: a pizzeria to the north and a pawnbroker to the west. Starting this weekend, when you hock that gold watch or grab a quick slice of pizza, Frank Zappa will be watching.

Read Erik Maza's Sun article as transcribed by Akta. And read Rafael Alvarez 's 1986 Article The Maryland Years, which discusses Zappa's difficult birth and baltimoreanism.

Eastern Avenue which runs between the library and Spartan Pizza, is Frank Zappa Way.

Frank Zappa Way

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