"A portrait is a picture in which there is just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth." -- John Singer Sargent

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Morgan Freeman

This 1997 photograph of Morgan Freeman (b. 1937) hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.
Handsome, lanky, and known for his sonorous voice, Morgan Freeman is among the most distinguished contemporary actors of stage and screen. Since his New York City theatrical debut in 1967, Freeman has repeatedly won praise for his performances both on and off Broadway. He appeared as “Easy Reader” in the popular PBS children's show The Electric Company (1971—76) and later made a seamless transition to film in Brubaker (1980). Returning to the stage as chauffeur Hoke Colburn in the 1987 off-Broadway hit Driving Miss Daisy, Freeman reprised the role in the popular 1989 movie adaptation. His other memorable films have included the Civil War drama Glory (1989), the cult classic The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and Million Dollar Baby (2004), for which he received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In 2009, Freeman fulfilled a longtime dream by starring as Nelson Mandela in Invictus, a biographical drama about the South African activist and president. -- NPG

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