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Friday, August 14, 2020

Meriwether Lewis


This 2009 bas-relief is part of an historical marker commemorating the placement of John A. Lanzalotti's bust of Meriwether Lewis placed in the Virginia Capitol in 2008.

Meriwether Lewis
Native of Albemarle County
Private Secretary to President Thomas Jefferson
Co-leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Governor of the Louisiana Territory

To Commemorate placement of his
Bust in the Old  Hall of the House
Of Delegates, Richmond VA
August 18, 2008

“Of courage undaunted; possessing a firmness and perseverance of purpose which nothing but impossibilities could divert from its direction, careful as a father of those committed to his charge, yet steady in the Maintenance of order and discipline;… honest, disinterested, liberal of sound understanding, and a fidelity to truth so scrupulous that whatever he should report would be as certain as if seen by ourselves.. ” – Thomas Jefferson

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This silhouette of Meriwether Lewis, made by John Marshal sometime between 1803 and  1830, belongs to the Library of Congress.

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