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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Abraham Lincoln

This 2008 life-sized statue of Abraham Lincoln and Old Bob (or Old Robin) by Ivan Schwartz stands in front of the Lincoln Cottage (Anderson House) at the Old Soldier's Home in Washington, DC. 

This statue is said to model Lincoln's  horse Old Bob, although Old Bob remained  in Springfield and did not come to Washington when Lincoln was elected president. Old Bob is portrayed as an American standardbred modelled on equestrian statues in NY and a photo of Old Bob.

Old Bob

The Library of Congress has this photo of Old Robin at Lincoln's funeral in Springfield by F. W. Ingmire.

“Photograph shows, an African American man, identified in reference sources as Rev. Henry Brown, with Abraham Lincoln's horse on the day of Lincoln's funeral.” -- LOC
The statue group was dedicated on Feb. 12, 2009 as this plaque indicates. (See HMdb)
President Lincoln and his family lived in this country home for over a quarter of his presidency. Escorted by his cavalry guard, Lincoln rode to the White House every morning either on horseback or by carriage, and returned here each evening to rejoin his family and friends, meet with visitors and colleagues and reflect on military strategy and emancipation. This sculpture captures a moment in his daily life during those years.

Dedicated February 12, 2009 in recognition of the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth.

Made possible by the generosity of Robert H. Smith.

Sculpture by Studio EIS, Brooklyn, NY
Lincoln Cottage, Anderson House

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