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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Manuel Belgrano

This statue of Manuel Belgrano (1770-1820) stands in front of the Edificio General Manuel Belgrano at 1810 Connecticut Avenue in Northwest Washington, DC.

Wikipedia says this of Belgrano.
Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano y González (3 June 1770 – 20 June 1820), usually referred to as Manuel Belgrano (Spanish pronunciation: [mãˈnwel βelˈɣɾano]), was an Argentine economist, lawyer, politician, journalist, and military leader. He took part in the Argentine Wars of Independence and created the Flag of Argentina. He is regarded as one of the main Libertadores of the country.
Manuel Belgrano

Mucho me falta para ser un verdadero Padre de la Patria, me contentaría con ser un buen hijo de ella . -- Manuel Belgrano
“I have a long way to go to be a true father of the country, I would be content to be a good son of it.”

Ejercito Argentino
Nacio Con La Patria en Mayo De 1810

Argentinian Army
Born with the Country in May 1810

Statesman, Leader and Forerunner of the Independence Movement in
Latin America.
Promoter of the economy and education, mentor of the principles of
freedom that burst onto the Argentine early political scene in May
1810. An exemplary soldier, he triumphantly commanded the army in
the battles of Tucuman and Salta, which consolidated freedom and
independence in Argentina.
A commendable man of unblemished reputation, a model to be
emulated by men and women of principles throughout history and
from every part of the world.

Republica Argentina
Ejercito Argentino
Agregaduia Militar

Republic of Argentina
Argentinian Army
Military Attaché

The centenary of Belgrano's death was commemorated in 1920 with this 12¢ stamp, which appeared in American newspapers in 1941 in “Stories in Stamps.”

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