"A portrait is a picture in which there is just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth." -- John Singer Sargent

Monday, May 16, 2016

Adolph Ochs

This portrait of Adolph Ochs (1858-1935) by Philip de László hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.
"Adolph Ochs began his career as a newspaper boy for the Knoxville Chronicle, rising at 3:00 a.m. to fold and deliver newspapers for $1.50 per week. His disciplined work habits led to rapid promotions on several newspapers, and by 1878 he was able to purchase the Chattanooga Times. In 1896 he acquired the failing New York Times. Ochs refused to run comics and made book reviews and letters to the editor prominent features. Despite the fierce competition from the 'yellow press' during the Spanish ­American War, Ochs succeeded in making the Times the 'newspaper of record' for the English-speaking world.

Philip de László was a society portraitist both in Europe and in America during the early decades of the twentieth century. This portrait was painted in April 1926, when the artist was in New York City." -- National Portrait Gallery

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