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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Harry Flood Byrd

This painting of Harry Flood Byrd (1887–1966) by John Slavin hangs in the Virginia Capitol Building in Richmond, Virginia.
"Harry F. Byrd served as a Virginia state senator (1915–1925), governor (1926–1930), and United States senator (1933–1965), was the father of a U.S. senator, and for forty years led the Democratic political machine known as the Byrd Organization. By virtue of both his service and power, he was one of the most prominent Virginians of the twentieth century. But much of that power was wielded in mostly vain opposition to the New Deal's big-government programs and the civil rights legislation of the 1960s. As governor he instituted a popular downsizing of state government that increased efficiency, but the end of his career was marked by his now-infamous 'massive resistance' to federally mandated school desegregation." -- Encyclopedia of Virginia

Harry Flood Byrd 1887-1966
Governor of Virginia 1926-1930
United States Senator 1933-1965
By John Slavin 1907 - 1971

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