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Friday, July 8, 2016

Jefferson Patterson

Jefferson Patterson
This copy of a bust of Jefferson Patterson in Penthelic marble by by Nikolas of Athens stands in a small garden at Visitors Center at Jefferson Patterson State Park.
"Jefferson Patterson was born May 14, 1891 in Dayton, Ohio, son of the co-founder of National Cash Register.  In 1921, after passing the exams for the diplomatic service, he became Secretary of Legation at the State Department in Washington, D.C.  Thus began a 36-year career spanning five continents, including posts in China, Columbia, Turkey, Poland, Norway, Germany, Peru, Egypt, the Balkans, Uruguay and the US.  While posted in Washington, D.C. in the early 1930s, Mr. Patterson spent time visiting his sister in Southern Maryland.  She suggested he buy a farm and raise Black Angus cattle.  In 1932 he purchased the Peterson farm in Calvert County.  He hired architect Gertrude Sawyer to create his vision of the property he called Point Farm. In 1934, he left for Breslau and then Norway, coming home on leave when he could to visit the farm.

While in charge of the Prisoner of War Section at the American Embassy in Berlin from 1939 to 1940, he met Mary Marvin Breckinridge, who was on assignment for CBS. They were married at the embassy on June 16, 1940. Together Jeff and Marvin served their country with strength, determination and goodwill.  One of Mr. Patterson's most notable achievements as a diplomat was his instrumental role in arranging a ceasefire between Israel and Egypt in January 1949 during the Palestine War." -- Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

1891 - 1977

Dayton Ohio

Washington D.C.
St. Leonard Maryland

This photo can be seen inside the Vistors Center at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum.

See The Washington Post, November 14, 1977, Jefferson Patterson Dies at 86, Held Many Foreign Service Posts.

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