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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

John Carroll

 This 1976 bas-relief of Archibishop John Carroll is part of the Archbishop John Carroll monument in Upper Marlboro Maryland.

Archbishop John  Carroll
1735 - 1815

Ardent patriot
Champion of religious freedom
Born in Upper Marlborough on this site
First Catholic bishop of the United States
Founder of Georgetown University.

Felix de  Weldon sc. 1976

Archbishop Carroll's motto "Forsake us not, O Lord our God." (Psalm 37:22) appears in Latin on his personal seal.

Ne Derelinquas Nos Domine Deus Noster
Joannes Epis. Baltimorensis MDCCXC

This engraving from Peter Guilday's 1922 book The Life And Times Of John Carroll, Archbishop of Baltimore may be the model for Felix de Weldon's sculpture.

The c. 1806 Gilbert Stuart Painting is in the same pose but different clothes.


Peter Guilday gives us this picture of John Carroll's Birthplace in Upper Marlboro.

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