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Monday, September 18, 2017

Alva Belmont

This c. 1875-1877 portrait of Alva Smith Vanderbilt Belmont (1853-1933) by Benjamin Curtis Porter hangs at the Belmont Paul Women's Equality National Monument in Washington, DC.
"Alva Belmont (January 17, 1853 – January 26, 1933), née Alva Erskine Smith, and known as Alva Vanderbilt from 1875 to 1896, was a prominent multi-millionaire American socialite and a major figure in the women's suffrage movement.  Known for having an aristocratic manner that antagonized many people, she was also noted for her energy, intelligence, strong opinions, and willingness to challenge convention.

She was married first to William Kissam Vanderbilt, with whom she had three children, and secondly to Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont. Alva was known for her many building projects including, Petit Chateau in New York, the Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island, the Belmont House, also in New York, Brookholt in Long Island, and Beacon Towers in Sands Point, New York."  -- Wikipedia
Mrs.  Belmont bought the Old Brick Capitol and deeded it to the National Woman's Party in 1921. When the Old Brick Capitol was torn down in 1929 to build the Supreme Court Building, she purchased Sewall-Belmont House for the party. The Sewall-Belmont House is now the Belmont Paul Women's Equality National Monument.

Here two Women's Party members dedicate the Alva Belmont House.

This 1911 postcard style photo of Alva E. Belmont is by A. Dupont.

Wikipedia attributes these two quotes to Alva Belmont:
"First marry for money, then marry for love."

"Just pray to God. She will help you."

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