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Monday, August 9, 2021

Albert Pike

Albert Pike
1809 1891

This bust portrait of Albert Pike, “Author, Poet, Soldier, Scholar”, stands at the top of the grand stair in the House of the Temple on 16th Street in Washington DC.

The controversial Albert Pike was a prominent Mason, author of Morals and Dogma and Esoterika both of which are for sale in the bookshop.

Above Pike's bust is a quote.
What We Have Done for
Ourselves Alone Dies With
Us: What We Have Done for 
Others and the World
Remains and is Immortal

But this is not the only bust of Pike in the Temple. Around behind the stairs is Pike's final resting place marked by similar bust.

Albert Pike
Born December 29, 1809
Died April 2, 1891
Grand Commander
1859- 1891
"He Has Lived The
Fruits of His Labors
Live After Him.

Pike's mortal remains are in the wall behind the bust. 

The Pillar's of Charity room houses the cremated remains of major patrons of the Temple. This impressive stained-glass window dominates the room. 33 shafts of light pour down on the Temple.

Fiat Lux
Ordo Ab Chao


For a more in depth look at Albert Pike see: Landmarks: Albert Pike
For a close look at the, now toppled, Statue of Albert Pike at Judiciary Square see Portrait Gallery: Albert Pike.   

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