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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

John Marshall

This  1883 bronze statue of  John  Marshall  by W. W. Story sits in the John Marshall  Park in Washington, DC.

 John Marshall
Chie Justice of the  United  States
1801 - 1835

W. W. Story Roma 1883

William Wetworth Story was the son of Marhsall's Supreme Court colleague Joseph Story. The 
There are three copies of this statue. The  one  below on the Capitol lawn was moved into the Supreme Court building  in 1988. The third one is in Philadelphia.

In 1882, Congress approved the creation of a statue to honor John Marshall, fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The statue was sculpted by artist William Wetmore Story, whose father had served on the Supreme Court with Marshall. It was unveiled on May 10, 1884 on the west plaza of the United States Capitol. In 1981, the statue was moved to the ground floor of the Supreme Court Building. There are two other casts of the memorial, one in John Marshall Park in Washington and the other at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. -- History on the Mall
John Marshall Park was the site of John Marshall's home in Washington as this plaque points out.

Site of the residence of
John Marshall
Chief Justice of the United States
Plaque erected under the auspices of the
Columbia Historical Society
the Bar Association
of the District of Columbia.

 Carving in the stone wall under the plaque gives a succinct biography of John Marshall

John Marshall
Born Germantown, Virginia - September 24, 1755
Culpeper Minutemen, Lieutenant - 1775
Continental Army, Colonel - 1776-1781
Studied at William and Mary - 1780
First elected to Virginia House of Delegates and begins practice of law - 1782
Delegate, Virginia Convention for Ratification of the United States Constitution - 1788
Envoy to France during the XYZ Affair - 1797-1798
Elected Virginia Representative to Congress - 1799
Secretary of State under President John Adams - 1800
Third Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court - 1801-1835
Died, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - July 6, 1835

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