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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Walter Camp

 This c. 1960 painting by Albert W. Hampson after a 1925 photograph of Walter Camp (1859-1925) hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.
“The undisputed ‘Father of American Football,’ Walter Camp introduced the innovative rule changes that transformed English rugby into a uniquely American game. Camp was a stellar player on the Yale football squad (1876-82), but his off-the-field contributions to the emerging sport were of even greater importance. A member of the Intercollegiate Football Association's rules committee for forty-eight years beginning in 1877, Camp spearheaded the initiatives that reduced teams from fifteen to eleven players and created the key position of quarterback. He instituted the line of scrimmage, suggested a system of downs to govern possession of the ball, devised the present-day point system, and is credited with developing the distinctive gridiron pattern of the playing field. In short, no one proved more influential than Walter Camp in shaping the structure of the modern game.” – National Portrait Gallery

Al Hampson

In 1878-79, Camp was Captain of the Yale Football team.

In 1894 he became football coach at Stanford after coaching at Yale, 1888–1892, and this photo appeared in the San Francisco Morning Call, (October 20, 1894.)

During WW I Camp became an advisor the U.S. Military and developed "The Daily  Dozen" a series of excercises which became quite popular. This photo accompanied an article entitled "Walter Camp's Exercises for Tired Business Men." , in the NY Sun and Herald Feb. 1, 1920.

The Daily Dozen

The Daily  Dozen was available in the form of 78 RPM Records.

Listen Here.

The 1925 photograph on which Hampson's painting was based appears in various places.

Including  on a monument at Camp's grave site in Newark Connecticut.

  Photo by Michael Herrick, HMdB.
Walter Camp
"The Father of American Football"
Walter Camp. Outstanding Yale athlete and coach became the single most important figure in the development of American Football. Recognized as the primary authority on football rules in his lifetime. He was a successful businessman. Dedicated family man. And a prominent New Haven civic leader. He selected his first All-American team in 1889. A tradition we are proud to continue today.
The Walter Camp Football Foundation
May 1992
  Photo by Michael Herrick, HMdB.
Walter Camp
1859 - 1925
and his Wife
Alice Sumner

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