"A portrait is a picture in which there is just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth." -- John Singer Sargent

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Maya Lin

This 3D color scan of Maya Lin stands in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.
"As a student at Yale University, Maya Lin (born 1959) redefined the conventional notion of a heroic war monument with her understated and controversial design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Her work has continued to gain international attention, including large-scale installations such as Storm King Wavefield and what she describes as her 'last memorial,' an environmentalist multimedia project titled What Is Missing.

Karin Sander’s diminutive 3-D scanned portrait reflects the architect’s sense of herself as a small part of a global environment. Like so many of Lin’s own designs, the unconventionality of this portrait invites the viewer to look more closely and see the sitter in a new way." -- National Portrait Gallery

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