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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Christopher Columbus

This 1984 marble statue of Christopher Columbus by Anuro Bigarani stood in Columbus Park, Eastern and East Falls Avenues in Baltimore's Little Italy. It was torn down and thrown into Baltmore harbor on the 4th of July 2020.

Christopher Columbus
Discovered America
October 12, 1492
Dedicated to the
City of Baltimore
by the
Italian American
Organization United
Of Maryland
And The Italian
American Community
Of Baltimore
In Commemoration of America
October 12, 1984
William Donald Schaeffer
Mayor of Baltimore

The Nina
66 Feet Long and 20 Feet Wide
Manned by 24 Men

The Pinta
80 Feet Long and 20 Feet Wide
Manned by 40 Men

The Santa Maria
98 Feet Long and 27 Feet Wide
Manned by 40 Men

Genoa, Italy
Birthplace of Columbus

The Landing in America
October 12, 1492

Meeting with the Indians
October 12, 1492

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